Utilities Overview

Computational utilities are simple tools that change the way we operate.  We have a utility catalog and templates for data integration dashboards that provide streamlined and easy-to-use software and service integration.

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Visybo: the Paid Interview

The Visybo platform provides metrics for skills-based assessment and hiring. For employers, we provide access to job candidate pools, algorithm-derived market value and skills analysis. For job seekers, we help you get paid to interview, guide you to relevant career opportunities, and let you showcase your skills in real-life job scenarios.


Education Visualizations & Metrics

We bring education data to life with interactive visualizations on student progress, program efficacy, and new research methods derived from historical data and machine learning techniques. These plug-and-play tools analyze data in real time, providing feedback and material to guide instructor implementation, and to further effective instructional methodologies.

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Tellus Data Platform

The Tellus Data platform provides problem-specific utility tools and modules that streamline data to find solutions to specific problems. Customizable scientific visualization and analysis tools that help grow data usability and comprehension.


Water Well Echo

Water Well Echo utility app provides easy-to-use groundwater water level measurement using your cell phone. Data collection, processing, and visualization tools aid in understanding your groundwater resource availability and trends.

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Field Play

Interactive and immersive geoscience field trips utilize geolocated audio content, augmented reality geo-information stops, and a scalable and personalized place-based educational experience.