Locations of 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier Races

It’s marathon season, and the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials are coming up in February, so everyone in the US running world is psyched fall race preparation and is eagerly watching race results. As a long-time avid runner and 2x Olympic Trials Qualifier myself, I love looking at this list grow.

This interactive visual shows the locations of all races in which a runner has achieved the women’s standard. Go ahead and play around with it and explore where fast races are run!

The USATF list of marathon trials qualifiers is updated regularly, but as of today, there are 343 women qualified for the 2020 race. This map shows where these amazing women ran to qualify for the Trials.

The largest density of qualifications come from the CIM Marathon in Sacramento, CA (128 individuals) and the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN (54 individuals).

Stay tuned for more visualizations on qualifiers and the racing that happens this fall!


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